Niagara Region Animal Services

Our Vision

Our Vision Niagara Region Animal Services is committed to the appropriate care and welfare for all animals within our shelter. We will endeavour to find homes for all homeless animals and will take all reasonable steps to return lost pets to their owners promptly.

We commit to providing municipalities with excellent, professional, efficient animal control, humane, adoption and re-homing services.

Our Solution

Our Solution The NRAS uses professional, trained staff to reach our goals of providing simply the best service to the resident and municipalities we serve.

Our focus is also to provide the best experience for both animals and people alike.

We will continue to provide a cutting edge facility and the necessary tools to provide effective solutions to animal needs in our community.


Our Services

Our Services NRAS provides full animal control, care and humane services to municipalities within the Niagara Region.

We will provide by-law and provincial act enforcement, stray animal pick-up and impoundment, animal relinquishment, adoption services, euthanasia services, humane education, animal sheltering and animal bite investigations and prevention education.